[SOLVED] how to group together functions with different number of parameters


I would like to group together different search algorithms in a single loop. However, I don’t know how to include algorithms with different number of parameters. Loop is this:

search_algorithms = [linearSearch, jumpSearch, exponentialSearch]

        for i in range(len(search_algorithms)):
            start = default_timer()
            result = search_algorithms[i](arr, len(arr), target)
            end = default_timer()
            time = timedelta(seconds=end-start)

            print("Target element is present at index", result)
            print("Searching executed in {} seconds \n".format(time))

Is there some simple way how to include for instance binary search defined as def binarySearch(arr, l, r, x):? Thanks a lot.


You can store the list of tuples in search_algorithms where the first element is a function, and the second one is a list of arguments.

search_algorithms = [
    (linearSearch, [arg1, arg2]),
    (jumpSearch, [arg1]),
    (exponentialSearch, [arg1, arg2, arg3]),

for fn, args in search_algorithms:

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