[SOLVED] How to group objects by their name


I receive a response like


and I have an Enum that contains all names from the response

enum E{
  E1 = 'type1-something',
  E2 = 'something-type2',
  E3 = 'type3-something',
  E4 = 'something-type1',

I need to group response by their names.
For example from the response above I need to transform it in

 "Type1" : [{id:1,name:"type1-something"},{id:4,name:"something-type1"}],
 "Type2" : [{id:2,name:"something-type2"}],
 "Type3" : [{id:3,name:"type3-something"}],

What approach can be taken? I think of a map and a for loop

if (object.name == E1 || object.name == E4)

But I have over 30 entries in the enum and this will approach will become very big and hard to understand. Obviously I can reduce the amount of code by adding some smaller enums
that will include only their type, but I wonder if there is a more obvious way that I do not see


You could get the type and group by this value.

    getType = ({ name }) => name
        ?.map(s => s[0].toUpperCase() + s.slice(1))
        .join('-') || '',
    data = [{ id: 1, name: "type1-something" }, { id: 2, name: "something-type2" }, { id: 3, name: "type3-something" }, { id: 4, name: "something-type1" }, { id: 5, name: "type3-type1-something" }],
    result = data.reduce((r, o) => {
        (r[getType(o)] ??= []).push(o);
        return r;
    }, {});

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