[SOLVED] How to get types for values from objects in an array when the objects don't all have the same keys in TypeScript?


Say I have the following array:

const a = [
    id: 1,
    title: 'Z'
    id: 2,
    id: 3,
    title: 'Y'
] as const

I’m trying to derive a type that is the union type of the title keys if they exist, e.g. 'Z' | 'Y'. I am at a loss as to how to accomplish this though.

I’ve tried extracting the types using bracket notation, but because the keys aren’t on every object, the type is any.

// The type here is `any`
type Titles = typeof a[number]['title']

I’ve tried handling this with conditional types as well, but I’m really out of my depth there and can’t get it to work.


You were almost correct, but property ‘title’ does not exist on every member of type typeof a[number].

You can filter union members with Extract utility type.

type AElem = typeof a[number];
type AElemWithTitle = Extract<AElemWithTitle, {title: string}>;
type ATitles = AElemWithTitle['title']

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