[SOLVED] How to get the client ip address from browser in angular (typescript)


Hey there I would really appreciate it if you can provide me with an example where a type script class can get the client’s IP address and the browser that the client is using and set those values in variables

I want to do this in type script, not in javascript is that possible and if not how to do it with type script

So For Example I can

  1. set those variables while submitting the form to the database in the back end

  2. I can for example display for the user the browser he is using
    any help would be appreciated thanks


I took it as a basis for my problem but I did not solve it because it gave me the public IP of the internet server.
For an internal network with DHCP, change the URL by the following:

getIpCliente(): Observable<string> {
  return this.http
             .map((res: Response) => {
               console.log('res ', res);
               console.log('res.json() ', res.text());
               console.log('parseado  stringify ', JSON.stringify(res.text()));
               let ipVar = res.text();
               let num = ipVar.indexOf(":");
               let num2 = ipVar.indexOf("\"});");
               ipVar = ipVar.slice(num+2,num2);

               return ipVar

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