[SOLVED] How to get system device language, swift iOS


How to get system device language, using swift iOS, Not app language, that I am handing no issue.

I want to get device language from Setting -> General -> Language that user set language to.

I tried below code:

let appLang = Locale.preferredLanguages
print("appLang ======== \(appLang)")

let bungleLang = Bundle.main.preferredLocalizations
print("bungleLang ======== \(bungleLang)")

let code = Locale.autoupdatingCurrent.languageCode
print("code ======== \(code ?? "")")

if let code = Locale.current.languageCode {
    print("Locale.current.languageCode ======== \(code)")

print("currentLanguage ======== \(Localize.currentLanguage())")

let local = getPreferredLocale()
print("local ======== \(local)")
print("languageCode = \(local.languageCode ?? "")")
print("regionCode = \(local.regionCode ?? "")")


appLang ======== ["en"]
bungleLang ======== ["en"]
code ======== en
Locale.current.languageCode ======== en
currentLanguage ======== en
local ======== en (fixed)
languageCode = en
regionCode = 

So I am not getting device language what ever the user set in his device settings.


Is it possible or not? I tried everything.

All code getting only en or English, but if the user set the language to Italian then? How we can get Italian or it?

Note: Again I am saying I am not talking about app language, I am talking about device language.

Not working in simulator and real device both

  • Checked in Simulator iPhone 11, OS 14.4

  • Checked in Real Device iPhone 7, OS 13.3

  • Xcode Version 12.4

Also tried:
UserDefaults.standard.stringArray(forKey: "AppleLanguages")

Update and Solved
Thanks to @Charnpreet Singh
From Edit scheme you need to change App Language and above all variables print the same result as you will see in your device settings.
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Try this

UserDefaults.standard.stringArray(forKey: "AppleLanguages")

The output will be like – ["en-US"].

It’ll return an array with language codes, first index is the current language set in iPhone’s setting (it’ll be a single item array if the preferred language order in settings is empty.)

Answered By – Chanpreet Singh

Answer Checked By – Marie Seifert (BugsFixing Admin)

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