[SOLVED] how to get results of a store procedure with laravel in the way that all of results can be shown


I have a store procedure in mysql and when I run it with phpmyadmin tools, results are like this
my myql procedure result

that all of semi-tables (I mean result sets) are correct. but with laravel code including this

$dataSet = DB::select('CALL MY_PROC(?,?);', array($param1, $param2));
return \Response::json([
    'dt1' => $dataSet,
], 200);

I get this result


that means it gives me just one of result sets. how can I get all of result set with laravel?


based on @ADyson help, I find out "Laravel’s DB facade does not support calling stored procedures that returns multiple data sets in result out of the box" and this github repository is working for me

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