[SOLVED] How to get QWidget from QGraphicsScene item?


I have added QTextEdit to QGraphicsScene.
How now to access the properties and methods of the widget?

QGraphicsScene scene;
QTextEdit *te=new QTextEdit();


foreach(auto item,scene.items()) {

    auto te=(QTextEdit*)item;
    auto isReadOnly=te->isReadOnly(); // Error


QGraphicsScene::addWidget returns a QGraphicsProxyWidget which, as its name suggests, acts as a proxy to the widget added (your QTextEdit in this case). So you can either save the proxy for use later…

QGraphicsScene scene;
auto *proxy = scene.addWidget(new QTextEdit);

or, when looping over items, use something like…

for (const auto *item: scene.items()) {
    if (const auto *proxy = dynamic_cast<const QGraphicsProxyWidget *>(item)) {
        if (const auto *te = dynamic_cast<const QTextEdit *>(proxy->widget())) {
            auto isReadOnly = te->isReadOnly();

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