[SOLVED] How to get mouse position only in Qlabel? (for pyqt5)


How to get mouse position only in Qlabel?
I want mouse position to start in qlabel.
qlabel loop

my code

def mousePressEvent(self, event):
    ret = self.hasMouseTracking()  # Back to mouse MouseTracking The state of
    self.ui.labelLOOPVIDEO.setText(' The mouse moved :%s' % ret)
    x = event.x()
    y = event.y()
    self.ui.labelLOOPVIDEO.setText(' mouse x coordinate :%s  , mouse y coordinate :%s' % (x, y))


I do not know what self represents in your case, but if it is the widget or window which contains the label, as I assume, then you can use this coordinate transformation:

labelPos = self.ui.labelLOOPVIDEO.mapFrom(self, event.pos())
x = labelPos.x()
y = labelPos.y()

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