[SOLVED] How to format dates with a Xarray GRIB file


I have a grib file and I am trying to format the date for my title, but I don’t know the best way to accomplish this. The date format in the dataset is 1970-01-01. I would like it to display in the title as 01-01-1970. I get the following error when I run the code, "’str’ object has no attribute ‘strftime’.

                   engine='cfgrib',backend_kwargs={'indexpath': ''})

time = ds['time']
time = np.datetime_as_string(time, unit='D')

ax.set_title('Arctic 2-m Temperature Anomaly: ' + time)

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Got it to work after upgrading xarray to version 0.20.1, rearranging my code, and rerunning. This is the final code to create the time variable and use it in a title:

time = ds['time'].dt.strftime('%m-%d-%Y')
ax.set_title('Arctic 2-m Temperature Anomaly: \n' + time.values, size=fontsize, weight='bold')

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