[SOLVED] How to convert text to binary code in JavaScript?


Text to Binary Code

I want JavaScript to translate text in a textarea into binary code.

For example, if a user types in "TEST" into the textarea, the value "01010100 01000101 01010011 01010100" should be returned.

I would like to avoid using a switch statement to assign each character a binary code value (e.g. case "T": return "01010100) or any other similar technique.

Here’s a JSFiddle to show what I mean. Is this possible in native JavaScript?


What you should do is convert every char using charCodeAt function to get the Ascii Code in decimal. Then you can convert it to Binary value using toString(2):


<input id="ti1" value ="TEST"/>
<input id="ti2"/>
<button onClick="convert();">Convert!</button>


function convert() {
  var output = document.getElementById("ti2");
  var input = document.getElementById("ti1").value;
  output.value = "";
  for (var i = 0; i < input.length; i++) {
      output.value += input[i].charCodeAt(0).toString(2) + " ";

And here’s a fiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/fA24Y/1/

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