[SOLVED] How to change height in mat-form-field


How can I change height in mat-form-field with appearance="outline"?

I need to reduce the mat-form-field.

My input example

enter image description here


Add these to your CSS in the your original stackblitz

::ng-deep .mat-form-field-flex > .mat-form-field-infix { padding: 0.4em 0px !important;}
::ng-deep .mat-form-field-appearance-outline .mat-form-field-label { margin-top:-15px; }
::ng-deep label.ng-star-inserted { transform: translateY(-0.59375em) scale(.75) !important; }

UPDATED: with transition for the label…

::ng-deep .mat-form-field-flex > .mat-form-field-infix { padding: 0.4em 0px !important;}
::ng-deep .mat-form-field-label-wrapper { top: -1.5em; }

::ng-deep .mat-form-field-appearance-outline.mat-form-field-can-float.mat-form-field-should-float .mat-form-field-label {
    transform: translateY(-1.1em) scale(.75);
    width: 133.33333%;

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