[SOLVED] How to calculate load profile and choose thread group in Jmeter


I have a task to create profile load on the app. Profile load: Vuser 7 , 50 requests per hour. Create load dinamics: ramp-up 2 min , loading 20 min , end of loading 2 min. How to calculate this and choose thread group(and timer)?


Your test looks rather weird as 50 requests/hour is less than 1 request per minute and it is unclear why do you need 7 users and ramp-up/ramp-down periods.

No matter.

  1. The easiest way of implementing your “load pattern” is using Ultimate Thread Group. It is not a part of normal JMeter distribution, you need to install it using JMeter Plugins Manager. The relevant configuration would be something like:

    enter image description here

  2. The easiest way of slowing down the requests to 50 request per hour is using Precise Throughput Timer, the appropriate configuration for your scenario would be:

    enter image description here

  3. You can check the actual throughput and the number of executed samplers using i.e. Aggregate Report listener. Given your test scenario lasts 24 minutes you should have around 20 sample results.

    enter image description here

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