[SOLVED] How to access vue props with name contains dash sign?


I’m working on a Vue project. With the eslint‘s requirement, I cannot name the props with camel case and it will report a warning Attribute ':clientId' must be hyphenated. eslint vue/attribute-hyphenation is required to use kekab case instead. For example,

<GranfFather :client-id="clientId" v-bind="$attrs">
    <GrandSon />

I need to access the property in the <GrandSon /> component. Generally, I’d like to name the property as clientId, but due to the eslint‘s requirement of the company, I can only name it as client-id otherwise it will report a warnning. So, if I want to access this property, the only method I come up with is use this.$attrs["client-id"]. But I’m wondering how could I access this property via this.$attrs.clientId or in a similar method?

when I use this.$attrs in <GrandSon /> component, it print

{ client-id: "xxxxxx" }

Is this mean I can only client-id via this.$attrs["clientId"]?
What I want is access client-id just by using this.$attrs.clientId.


There is a difference between props and attributes.

A prop is supposed to be specified in component props, it is normalized to camel case and received only by a component that a prop was provided to.

Attributes aren’t normalized and can fall through components that are used as root elements. This behaviour is determined by inheritAttrs property in components. It is commonly used to provide HTML attributes to root HTML elements, but can also be used to provide a prop to nearest nested components that accept it.

If GrandSon is supposed to receive clientId prop, it needs to be declared in the component in props. Although it apparently can receive a prop as a fallthrough attribute from GrandFather in this case, it’s preferable to explicitly provide it as <GrandSon :client-id="clientId"> in order for it to not depend on a specific hierarchy of root elements.

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