[SOLVED] How To Access Dynamically Created Buttons Click events Qt C++


I Created buttons dynamically for data from the database

QPushButton *btnComment = new QPushButton("Comment");

Is the button that i created dynamically
I set a connect

connect(btnComment, &QPushButton::clicked, this, &Planner::commentButton);

and created a function on slots

public slots:
    void commentButton();

How can I get the id value so I can execute a SQL query after the button click

I tested the function

void Planner::commentButton()
    QMessageBox inpass;

It works but after clicking OK the application closes

I get something like this in the console

QMainWindowLayout::addItem: Please use the public QMainWindow API instead

Any possible approach ?


I was able to solve the lambda issue by declaring the passing variable as a global variable

connect(btnComment,  &QPushButton::clicked, this, [this]{ commentButton(taskID); });


As mentioned in the comment you can connect to a lambda rather than directly to a non-static member.

Change the signature/definition of Planner::commentButton to…

void Planner::commentButton (QPushButton *button)
     * Use button accordingly.

Then simply change your connect call to…

connect(btnComment, &QPushButton::clicked, this,
        [this, btnComment]

Now a pointer to the QPushButton that triggered the call will be passed to Planner::commentButton.

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