[SOLVED] How do I pass a value into a python function without calling?


I was unable to find a reasonable way to create a variable which calls a function requiring parameters.

Here is a simplified version of my code. I would like ‘print_hello’ to print ‘hello’ when it is called, and not when it is defined.

print_hello = print(‘hello’)

When I define ‘print_hello’, it calls print(‘hello’). When I call ‘print_hello’, it gives me an error. How do I fix this?


Just define print_hello as a lambda function

>>> print_hello = lambda: print('hello')
>>> print_hello()

To delay execution, you’ll have to wrap the call to print in another function. A lambda is less code than defining another function.

Note: that pep08 recommends using a def function rather than a lambda when assigning to a variable. See here. So @Sheldores answer is probably the way to go.

Answered By – Paul Rooney

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