[SOLVED] How do I map an endpoint to a static file in ASP. NET Core?


I am building a single page web application in ASP .NET Core which requires me to map some URLs to an endpoint which serves a specific static file called “index.html”.

Currently, I used a hack solution which maps all URLs to the endpoint.

_ = app.UseEndpoints(endpoints => {
    _ = endpoints.MapControllers();

    _ = endpoints.MapGet("/test", async context => {
        // I need some way to serve the static file in the response
        await context.Response.WriteAsync("Hello world");

    // TODO replace with actual endpoint mapping
    //_ = endpoints.MapFallbackToFile("index.html");

Instead, I would like to map only a specific set of URLs to the endpoint. How do I accomplish this?


The solution was to implement URL rewriting to rewrite URLs to index.html as well as add use default files for the “/” root URL.

RewriteOptions rewriteOptions = new RewriteOptions()
                .AddRewrite("test", "index.html", true);

_ = app.UseRewriter(rewriteOptions);

_ = app.UseDefaultFiles();

This section of code comes before the UseRouting middleware call.

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