[SOLVED] How can I validate that someone is over 18 from their date of birth?


I am doing validation for Driver’s Date of birth, it should be minimum of 18 from the current date.

var Dates = $get('<%=ui_txtDOB.ClientID %>');   
var Split = Dates.value.split("/");

if (parseInt(Split[2]) > 1993) 
    alert("DOB year should be less than 1993");
    return false;

I am using this above JavaScript validation for checking a person’s DOB above 18, but it is not correct. I need to check with today’s date and it should be above 18. How can I compare and check with the current date?


I think a better alternative would be to calculate the age of the user, and use that in your if statement.

See this SO answer on how to do just that:

Calculate age in JavaScript

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