[SOLVED] How can I send an audio reference to a function in React?


I have an audio reference:

    const sound1 = useRef();

as I made it by:

   <audio  ref={sound1} src='/resources/DRUMS.mp3' loop={looping}></audio>

and a function I wnat to send it to:

const toggleMuteUnmute=(soundRef, isPlaying, stateFunc)=>{
    const prevValue = isPlaying;
        soundRef.current.muted = false;
        animationRef.current = requestAnimationFrame(whilePlaying);
        soundRef.current.muted = true;

using this:

<button onClick={toggleMuteUnmute(sound1, isPlaying1, setIsPlaying1)} >

but an error comes up:

Cannot set properties of undefined (setting ‘muted’)

reffering to the first line in the ‘else’ statement.

Why can’t it read the muted attribute of the html audio tag?


Ok I solved it.
All I had to do was to put – () => before the function call, as in –

<button onClick={() => toggleMuteUnmute(sound1, isPlaying1, setIsPlaying1)} >

Answered By – Nadav Holtzman

Answer Checked By – Terry (BugsFixing Volunteer)

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