[SOLVED] How can I remove all html tags from an array?


Is there a function in php to do a regex replace kind of action on all entries of an array?
I have an array that contains lots of html tags with text in them and I want to remove the tags.
So basically I’m converting this:

$m = [
"<div>first string </div>",
     <td style='color:red'>
       second string
"<a href='/'>
   <B>third string</B><br/>

to this:

$m = [
"first string",
"second string",
"third string"

The regex that (hopefully) matches everything I want to remove, looks like this:


The question is just how I should use it now? (My array actually has more than 50 entries and in every entry there can be like 10 matches, so using preg_replace is probably not the way to go, or is it?)


No need for a regex here, just use strip_tags() to get rid of all html tags and then simply trim() the output, e.g.

$newArray = array_map(function($v){
    return trim(strip_tags($v));
}, $m);

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