[SOLVED] How can I make one property non-optional in a typescript type?


I have this type:

type User = { 
  id: string;
  name?: string;
  email?: string;

And I would like to construct a similar type with name non optional:

type UserWithName = {
  id: string;
  name: string;
  email?: string;

Instead of repeating the type as I did above, how can I construct UserWithName from User with generic utility types?
Required almost does the job but it sets all properties as non-optional, while I just want to set one property.


If you check the source for the Required type, it’s this:

type Required<T> = {
  [P in keyof T]-?: T[P]

The same syntax can be used to construct a generic type that will give you what you want:

type User = {
  id: string
  name?: string
  email?: string

type WithRequired<T, K extends keyof T> = T & { [P in K]-?: T[P] }

type UserWithName = WithRequired<User, 'name'>

// error: missing name
const user: UserWithName = {
  id: '12345',

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