[SOLVED] Haskell: Couldn't match expected type '[a0]' with actual type '([char], [int])'


My error message is as follows: ‘ Couldn’t match expected type ‘[a0]’ with actual type ‘([char], [Int])’ In the first argument of ‘zip’

I’m trying to do run length encoding, e.g

encode "aaaaabbbbcc"

My code is this:

encode [] = []
encode ls = zip((map head list), (map length list))
 where list = runs ls 

The ‘runs’ function returns [String], e.g
runs "aaaaabbbbcc"

I don’t know how to fix it, any help or explanation would be appreciated!


You are trying to use C-style syntax to call zip, which is interpreted as zip getting a single tuple as its argument, rather than the two lists you intended.

encode ls = zip (map head list) (map length list)
   where list = runs ls

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