[SOLVED] Git autocomplete in bash aliases?


I’m using go as a simple bash alias for git checkout branchname. The thing that I miss is the autocomplete feature that works with the full git checkout branchna... command, but not in the alias.

Is there a way to instruct Bash to “inherit” the autocomplete “driver” for another command?


After using complete -F:

complete -F _git_checkout go

Tabbing after go may result in:

bash: [: 1: unary operator expected

Instead of complete, use __git_complete

This is git bash completion’s built-in function for this purpose.

After declaring your alias, bind the correct auto-complete function to it:

# Main git completions (prior to git 2.30, you an use _git instead of __git_main)
alias g="git"
__git_complete g __git_main

alias go="git checkout"
__git_complete go _git_checkout

alias gp="git push"
__git_complete gp _git_push

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