[SOLVED] Getting undefined object error in Typescript using Angular


So I am following the Traversy Media new [Angular crash course]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3dHNOWTI7H8 around 39:45 and getting object undefined errors constantly.

Here is the picture of the error which says object is possibly ‘undefined’:
object is possibly ‘undefined

This worked in task-item.component.html

<p *ngFor="let task of tasks">

This object is possibly ‘undefined’ task-item.component.html

<div class="task">


import { Component, OnInit, Input } from '@angular/core';
    import {Task} from 'src/Task';
      selector: 'app-task-item',
      templateUrl: './task-item.component.html',
      styleUrls: ['./task-item.component.css']
    export class TaskItemComponent implements OnInit {
      @Input() task?: Task;
      constructor() {
      ngOnInit(): void {

I have put a tsconfig.json rule "strictPropertyInitialization": false


It’s because you set it as a an optional using ?

You can either remove ? which is not a good practice if your item can be null, or you can just do this in the html

<div class="task">

It will display the value if the variable is initialized, and don’t throw an error

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