[SOLVED] get specific value from xml file using bash script


I am not familiar with bash and strings, and need to get a value from xml file,
after curling the xml I get:

<metadata modelVersion="1.1.0">

using this command, I get the version tags value:

#wget -q -N $urlversion=$(curl -s https://www.artifactoty.company.net/artifactory/maven-dev-local/com/google/api/framework/maven-metadata.xml --insecure | grep  -oP '(?<=<value>).*?(?=</value>))

And all what i need is value after the zip file:


The 2.3.7-20201209.102124-38 value.

How can i get it alone.

Thanks friends.


Assuming OP has a reason for not using a XML-aware tool to parse the data …

NOTE: I’ve copied the sample xml data into file tag.xml for the purposes of this answer.

One awk solution:

awk -F'[<>]' '             # define multiple field delimiters as "<" and ">"
$3=="zip" {getline         # if field #3 = "zip" then read the next line and ...
           print $3        # print field #3
           exit}           # at this point we have what we want so exit
' tag.xml

Collapsing into a one-liner and storing in a variable:

zipver=$(awk -F'[<>]' '$3=="zip" {getline; print $3; exit}' tag.xml)
echo "${zipver}"

Both of the above generate:


OP could modify the current command as follows:

wget -q -N $urlversion=$(curl -s ... | awk -F'[<>]' '$3=="zip" {getline; print $3; exit}')

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