[SOLVED] for loop inside a def function not working


for i in df.columns:
    if df[i].dtype=='object' and df[i].nunique()>20:

The above for loop works as expected, but when i put this under a def function it doesn’t work,
for example- data= Churn_Modelling, the above for loop was able to drop "Surname" but the below def function drop_object_nunique(df) doesn’t removes "Surname"

def drop_object_nunique(data):
    for i in data.columns:
        if data[i].dtype=='object' and data[i].nunique()>20:


If I understand you correctly, it is a workaround of "Python always does pass-by-value" and the scope of your data frame.

Refer to this answer: https://stackoverflow.com/a/38925257/15017770

Answered By – Vivek Chaudhari

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