[SOLVED] Finding sum of elements in Swift array


What is the easiest (best) way to find the sum of an array of integers in swift?
I have an array called multiples and I would like to know the sum of the multiples.


This is the easiest/shortest method I can find.

Swift 3 and Swift 4:

let multiples = [...]
let sum = multiples.reduce(0, +)
print("Sum of Array is : ", sum)

Swift 2:

let multiples = [...]
sum = multiples.reduce(0, combine: +)

Some more info:

This uses Array’s reduce method (documentation here), which allows you to “reduce a collection of elements down to a single value by recursively applying the provided closure”. We give it 0 as the initial value, and then, essentially, the closure { $0 + $1 }. Of course, we can simplify that to a single plus sign, because that’s how Swift rolls.

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