[SOLVED] Find, wrap and replace occurrences in a string


I Have a list of prefixes:

Now consider this string:


How do I find every occurrence of substrings that start with one of my prefixes and then wrap it with ${} and remove quotes (if present)?

For example in the above string the desired output should be:


another example:

The quick abc.brown, fox jumps over the foo.bar.lazy\n"abc.dog"\n

desired output:

The quick ${abc.brown}, fox jumps over the ${foo.bar.lazy}\n${abc.dog}\n


In a very laxed and simplified sense, you could use this as a starting point


Replace ${$1}


(?<! [a-z] )
(                             # (1 start)
  (?: foo \. bar | abc )
  (?: \. [a-z]* )+
)                             # (1 end)

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