[SOLVED] Find smaller number from 2 provided – works, but throws an error. TypeError: cannot unpack non-iterable NoneType object


I am getting into python again, and I don’t get why it gives me an error, while working perfectly fine.

def smaller_num(x, y):
    if x > y:
        number = y
        number = x
print(f'Smaller number, between {x} and {y} is {number}')

def main():
    x, y = smaller_num(x=int(input('Enter first number: ')), y=int(input('Enter second number: ')))
    smaller_num(x, y)

if __name__ == '__main__':


This is because you are trying to assign values to x and y from function that doesn’t return anything but only prints the result. i.e. function named smaller_num

def main(): 
    x=int(input('Enter first number: '))
    y=int(input('Enter second number: '))
    smaller_num(x, y)

This could be one solution to the problem. Notice that here x and y here are assigned from input and then prints smaller number.
Also if you really want to do it in one line then:

def main(): 
    smaller_num(int(input('Enter first number: ')), int(input('Enter second number: ')))

This would work fine. You just need to modify main function to any of these.

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