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I have a C# class that contains an int[] array (and a couple of other fields, but the array is the main thing). The code often creates copies of this class and profiling shows that the Array.Copy() call to copy this array takes a lot of time. What can I do to make it faster?

The array size is very small and constant: 12 elements. So ideally I’d like something like a C-style array: a single block of memory that’s inside the class itself (not a pointer). Is this possible in C#? (I can use unsafe code if needed.)

I’ve already tried:

1) Using a UIn64 and bit-shifting instead of the array. (The values of each element are also very small.) This does make the copy fast, but slows down the program overall.

2) Using separate fields for each array element: int element0, int element1, int element2, etc. Again, this is slower overall when I have to access the element at a given index.


I would checkout the System.Buffer.BlockCopy if you are really concerned about speed.


Simple Example:

  int[] a = new int[] {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8};
  int[] b = new int[a.Length];
  int size = sizeof(int);
  int length = a.Length * size;               
  System.Buffer.BlockCopy(a, 0, b, 0, length);

Great discussion on it over here: Array.Copy vs Buffer.BlockCopy

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