[SOLVED] Erase empty lines from a text file in C++


I have a text file, which may contain some empty lines. I want to open this file and look for the empty lines. If an empty line exists then, I want to delete that line. I do not want to create a temporary file for this purpose. I want to edit the same file and close it afterwards.

I have already seen a couple of posts about similar problem but none of them worked for me.

void DeleteEmptyLines(const string& FilePath)
    //EXISTING File
    std::fstream FileStream;
    std::string CurrentReadLine;
    if (doesFileExist(FilePath))
        FileStream.open(FilePath, std::fstream::in | std::fstream::out | std::fstream::app);

        //Read all the lines till the end of the file
        while(getline(FileStream, CurrentReadLine))
            //Check if the line is empty
                cout<<"Empty line found"<<endl;
                //DELETE THIS EMPTY LINE

    // else --->> do nothing

Current File (MyFile.txt):




What I need (MyFile.txt):


PS: I am using VS2010 on windows machine.


Simple solution. Reads file into a string skipping empty lines, then overwrites the file with the contents of the string.

void DeleteEmptyLines(const std::string &FilePath)
    std::ifstream in(FilePath);
    std::string line, text;
    while (std::getline(in, line))
        if !(line.empty() || line.find_first_not_of(' ') == std::string::npos)
            text += line + "\n"
    std::ofstream out(FilePath);
    out << text;

EDIT: @skm The new answer you posted does not erase lines with empty spaces, as you stated.

To fix this use this condition to make sure a line is not “empty”:

!(CurrentReadLine.empty() || CurrentReadLine.find_first_not_of(' ') == std::string::npos)

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