[SOLVED] Encountering an error while calling a non built-in function in R


I made a function in R which basically takes certain values from a column of my dataframe according to the dates specified and returns their sum:

    dmon.function = function(y, m, d){
      result = sum(dmystatedf$Deceased[Dategood>="y-m-01" & Dategood<="y-m-d"])
    dmon.function(2021, 04, 03)

Now when I pass the function, I get no error, but when I call the function, I get this error:

> dmon.function(2021, 04, 03)
 Error in charToDate(x) : 
character string is not in a standard unambiguous format

How do I resolve this error? How to I make functions that takes arguments and use them as dates, months, or years in general?

EDIT 1: Here are the first few rows of the data I’m using:

> head(dmystatedf[c("Deceased", "Dategood")])
    Deceased   Dategood
61         0 2020-03-09
74         0 2020-03-10
87         0 2020-03-11
101        0 2020-03-12
115        1 2020-03-13
130        1 2020-03-14

Here is the output of the code dput(head(dmystatedf[c("Deceased", "Dategood")])) as requested by Rui Barradas in comments:

> dput(head(dmystatedf[c("Deceased", "Dategood")]))
structure(list(Deceased = c(0L, 0L, 0L, 0L, 1L, 1L), Dategood = structure(18330:18335, class = "Date")), row.names = c(61L, 
74L, 87L, 101L, 115L, 130L), class = "data.frame")



You don’t need contributed packages, base R alone is enough to solve the question’s problem.
Base function ISOdate accepts year, month and day and returns an oject of class "POSIXt" "POSIXct". Then the comparisons to the column of class "Date" will give warnings so coerce the start and end dates with as.Date.

dmon.function <- function(y, m, d){
  start <- as.Date(ISOdate(y, m, 1))
  end <- as.Date(ISOdate(y, m, d))
  sum(dmystatedf$Deceased[dmystatedf$Dategood >= start & dmystatedf$Dategood <= end])

dmon.function(2021, 04, 03)
#> [1] 0

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