[SOLVED] Dropdown menu overlaid by the content


The current theme of my WordPress website has two menus, a top menu and a bottom menu

The dropdown menu of the bottom menu are overlaid by the above content for example

I tried to perform the setup of the z-index, putting z-index: 20000 for example, but it didn’t work for example

Does anyone have any idea on how to fix it?

My WordPress website: www.rodrigocorrea.org


@media (min-width: 43.75em)
.menu-footer-items .sub-menu:hover {
    bottom: 24px;
    opacity: 1;
    -webkit-transform: scale(1);
    transform: scale(1);

@media (min-width: 43.75em)
.menu-footer-items .sub-menu {
    position: absolute;
    background: #1A1A1A;
    text-align: center;
    margin: 0;
    min-width: 100%;
    max-width: 220px;
    left: auto;
    right: auto;
    bottom: -9999px;
    -webkit-transition: opacity 0.3s ease, -webkit-transform 0.3s ease;
    transition: opacity 0.3s ease, transform 0.3s ease;
    -webkit-transform: scale(0.95);
    transform: scale(0.95);

.menu-footer-items ul {
    list-style: none;


Remove overflow from footer:
Set custom css:

footer.site-footer {
    overflow: initial !important;

Answered By – Aleksandr Abramov

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