[SOLVED] Dotnet CLI Hot Reload: always restart app on rude edits?


When using Hot Reload in the .NET CLI…

$ dotnet watch
watch : Hot reload enabled. For a list of supported edits, see https://aka.ms/dotnet/hot-reload. Press "Ctrl + R" to restart.
watch : Building...
watch : Started

… any rude edit leads to the following prompt:

watch : Unable to apply hot reload because of a rude edit.
watch : Do you want to restart your app - Yes (y) / No (n) / Always (a) / Never (v)?

Is there any way to tell the CLI to default to "Always"? Something like dotnet watch --always-restart?

(asking because I’d like to run dotnet watch in a container)


As it turns out, yes!

$ dotnet watch

(.NET 6.0.2+)

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