[SOLVED] Difference between every and filter in javascript?


I was wondering which of the functions among Array.prototype.every and Array.prototype.filter are fast in javascript?
The difference that I know is that every can be stopped by returning false and filter cannot stop by returning false.
Apart from this difference is there any other?
And if which one among this has indexing?


The functions do completely different things.

Array.prototype.filter will create an array of all the elements matching your condition in the callback

function isBigEnough(element) {
  return element >= 10;
var filtered = [12, 5, 8, 130, 44].filter(isBigEnough);
// filtered is [12, 130, 44]

Array.prototype.every will return true if every element in the array matches your condition in the callback

function isBigEnough(element, index, array) {
  return (element >= 10);
var passed = [12, 5, 8, 130, 44].every(isBigEnough);
// passed is false
passed = [12, 54, 18, 130, 44].every(isBigEnough);
// passed is true

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