[SOLVED] Dictionary to JSON for loop


I’ve tried just about everything to convert a dictionary that looks like this in Python:

d = {'name': 'Jack', 'age': 26}

I know you’re able to access values like this:

> Jack

I would like to do this in a for loop though:

for obj in d:

Any ideas how? I’ve tried both json.loads and json.dumps on obj but keep getting errors like: string indices must be integers. How can I can access specific keys and get their values like the example above?


You need to access .values() of your main dict

d = {'person-1': {'name':'Jack', 'age':'26'}, 'person-2': {'name':'Idk', 'age':'23'}}

for obj in d.values():


And .items() to get the outer key with

for key, obj in d.items():
    print(key, obj['name'])

person-1 Jack
person-2 Idk

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