[SOLVED] Data truncated for column?


After changing the data type of a MySql column in order to store Twilio call ids (34 char strings), I try to manually change the data in that column with:

update calls 
   set incoming_Cid='CA9321a83241035b4c3d3e7a4f7aa6970d' 
 where id='1';

However I get an error which doesn’t make sense seeing as the column’s data type was properly modified?

| Level ||| Code | Message
| Warning | 1265 | Data truncated for column 'incoming_Cid' at row 1


Your problem is that at the moment your incoming_Cid column defined as CHAR(1) when it should be CHAR(34).

To fix this just issue this command to change your columns’ length from 1 to 34

ALTER TABLE calls CHANGE incoming_Cid incoming_Cid CHAR(34);

Here is SQLFiddle demo

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