[SOLVED] Create instance using an interface


In my Angular 2 TypeScript application, I defined an interface rather than a class to allow optional parameters.

As far as I know, I should somewhere implement the interface by:

export class myClass implements myInterface { … }

and then instantiate it via new(...).

I wondered whether this is the right way to do it (in Angular 2) or there is a simpler / better way?

Also, where should I put the implementation, in the component (.ts) where I use it, where the interface is or where?


You can do it that way. You can also just create an object that implements the interface like:

interface foo {
    one: number;
    two: string;

const bar: foo = { one: 5, two: "hello" };

If you want to use a class, you can put it where you want. If it’s tightly coupled with the component, you can put it there. Generally though, I want classes to be loosely coupled, so I put them in their own file.

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