[SOLVED] Cost must be multiple by 5


I am working small application with basic CRUD operation and I have Product Model.
In this model I have something like

public class Product  
        public int Id { get; set; }

        public string Name { get; set; }

        public int amountAvailable { get; set; }
        public double cost { get; set; }

        public int UserId { get; set; }
        public User Users { get; set; }

Right now, I need some shortcut or some hack how to make cost (cost of the product), but it should be a multiple of 5, meaning the price can be 5,10,15,20,25,30… etc.
Is there anything which I can force user to put price something like thiss?
I try with [DataAnnotation] and using Range but I think this will not work.



public class MultipleOf5Attribute : ValidationAttribute
    public override bool IsValid(object value)
        return ((int)value) % 5 == 0;

use the decimal instead of the int

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