[SOLVED] Concept of a SaaS system


Good evening, I developed a system that behaves in the SaaS format, where the client only registers and already has access to use, in it I used a unique identifier for each client and they all use the same structure, PHP files and the same database . So far so good, because the domain does not change, that is, everyone uses www.lalalaetc.com.br/app and the system separates everything by the unique identifier, however, I would like to develop a virtual store from it, only there would be a difference, the domain, that is, I believe the principle is the same, use a unique identifier for each store, but my doubt is how I will make it so that when someone accesses the store the domain is addressed correctly and load the id of my client? What is the way forward and what do I need to research to do such a feat?


It sounds like you want to develop a multi-tenant application.

In this case, you could uses sub-domains, for example tenant.lalalaetc.com.br.app, where the word tenant is replaced with a string unique to each tenant.

When the request comes into the server, you can parse out the sub-domain, passing it to a function that searches your API/Database by this tenant subdomain.

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