[SOLVED] Completely remove "error list" from visual studio


I want to completely remove “error list” from visual studio 2008, not disable it i want it gone. It annoys me to no end popping up endlessly, i guess i must be “doing it wrong” but w/e i just want to use VS without being alerted every other keystroke about some warning.

I’ve tried editing many different fields in the options (tools -> options) it has only slightly decreased the frequency of the error list popping up. I have also deselected errors, warnings, and Messages. and it pops up with nothing to display. unpinning it doesn’t help either.

also upgrading to VS 2010 is not an option at this point.

Im looking for a solution something like the following: remove a dll or config file responsible for this

Also I still want the inline validation (the little squiggly marks, etc), but
the error list window annoys me.


I think this is probably exactly what you’re wanting:


You can change this behavior by going to Tools -> Options -> Projects
and Solutions -> General and deselecting the “Always show Error List
if build finishes with errors”.

I’m guessing this will work with ASP.Net as well, since that’s building on the fly.

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