[SOLVED] Cleanest way to build an SQL string in Java


I want to build an SQL string to do database manipulation (updates, deletes, inserts, selects, that sort of thing) – instead of the awful string concat method using millions of “+”‘s and quotes which is unreadable at best – there must be a better way.

I did think of using MessageFormat – but its supposed to be used for user messages, although I think it would do a reasonable job – but I guess there should be something more aligned to SQL type operations in the java sql libraries.

Would Groovy be any good?


First of all consider using query parameters in prepared statements:

PreparedStatement stm = c.prepareStatement("UPDATE user_table SET name=? WHERE id=?");
stm.setString(1, "the name");
stm.setInt(2, 345);

The other thing that can be done is to keep all queries in properties file. For example
in a queries.properties file can place the above query:

update_query=UPDATE user_table SET name=? WHERE id=?

Then with the help of a simple utility class:

public class Queries {

    private static final String propFileName = "queries.properties";
    private static Properties props;

    public static Properties getQueries() throws SQLException {
        InputStream is = 
            Queries.class.getResourceAsStream("/" + propFileName);
        if (is == null){
            throw new SQLException("Unable to load property file: " + propFileName);
        if(props == null){
            props = new Properties();
            try {
            } catch (IOException e) {
                throw new SQLException("Unable to load property file: " + propFileName + "\n" + e.getMessage());
        return props;

    public static String getQuery(String query) throws SQLException{
        return getQueries().getProperty(query);


you might use your queries as follows:

PreparedStatement stm = c.prepareStatement(Queries.getQuery("update_query"));

This is a rather simple solution, but works well.

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