[SOLVED] Class in App_Code folder not accessible in vb.net website project


At work I have been asked to make some amendments to a vb.net website project i’ve not worked on before. I’ve cloned the code from TFS and opened it in VS2019 but there were errors when I tried to run it. I know the website runs because my colleague has been working on it, and it is also live on a server and being used by our clients.

I have fixed some errors in the web.config and added some missing references, but now i’m getting an issue with a class called Translation which is in the App_Code folder. The class is used all around the website but i’m getting the error:

Type ‘Translation’ is not defined.

All of the solutions i’ve come across say that I need to change the build action on the class to ‘compile’, but that isn’t possible for a website because there is no build action property. The other suggestion i’ve seen is to add a ‘using’ statement but as the class has no namespace this is not an option.

I’ve seen lots of people asking how to do this for websites but nobody has provided an answer, so i’m hoping someone out there can finally come up with a solution which can help me and anyone else struggling with this problem.


After many painful hours i’ve finally got the code running – mostly thanks to the efforts of my colleagues and my boss. It seems the existing project wouldn’t run for me so my boss created a new project and added the required websites to that. After some fiddling with the configuration he got it working.

So unfortunately I cannot provide an answer. Apologies if you’ve arrived here looking for one. I’m not sure this is actually an issue anyway as I never found anything about anyone else having the problem.

Thanks to Albert D. Kallal for trying to help

Answered By – Colin Plater

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