[SOLVED] Checking the application loading speed on Android device


I have some web development experiences and today I started learning Flutter.
I made a really basic app, that displays a time in different countries.
It loads very fast, but I want to see how long it takes to open.
I found a lot of tutorials about how to do this but I don’t understand them.
I want to compare the results of my app with results of other apps on my phone,
so if you know some apps to test load speed pls send me a link or explain how to do it in another way.


What you’re looking for is time to initial display.
Time to initial display

ActivityManager: Displayed com.android.myexample/.StartupTiming: +3s534ms (total +1m22s643ms)

Open your logs and filter by Displayed

I dunno what the flutter counterpart is but since it’s an activity you’re opening it should be the same.

The other way is using Systrace and Perfetto.

Medium Article on systrace and Perfetto

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