[SOLVED] Check if todays date exists in a table with Entity Framework


I have a database table with columns of type dateTime.

Now I need to see if there already is a row with today’s date, but I don’t know how to compare the column with the current date without the hour, minutes, seconds.

Basically I have 2022-02-04 14:06:21.080 and I need to check if there is a row created on 2022-02-04.

I’m looking for something like

if (db.dates.Where(x => x.SentDate == Date.Now).Count() > 0)
     // Do something
     // Do something else

I only need to see if it has a date from today it doesn’t matter what time it was created.

Any help is much appreciated!


You can check a date range

var today = DateTime.Today;
var tomorrow = today.AddDays(1);

if(db.dates.Where(x => x.SentDate >= today && x.SentDate < tomorrow) ...

The DateTime.Today Property gets the current date with the time component set to 00:00:00.

Note that we test the lower bound with >= today (with today meaning today at 00:00:00) but the upper one with < tomorrow, since we do not want to include tomorrow at 00:00:00.

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