[SOLVED] Check if an object implements an interface at runtime with TypeScript


I load a JSON configuration file at runtime, and use an interface to define its expected structure:

interface EngineConfig {
    pathplanner?: PathPlannerConfig;
    debug?: DebugConfig;

interface PathPlannerConfig {
    nbMaxIter?: number;
    nbIterPerChunk?: number;
    heuristic?: string;

interface DebugConfig {
    logLevel?: number;


This makes it convenient to access the various properties since I can use autocompletions etc.

Question: is there a way to use this declaration to check the correctness of the file I load? ie that I do not have unexpected properties?



Currently, types are used only during development and compile time.
The type information is not translated in any way to the compiled
JavaScript code.

From https://stackoverflow.com/a/16016688/318557, as pointed out by @JasonEvans

There is an open issue since Jun 2015 about this in the TypeScript repo: https://github.com/microsoft/TypeScript/issues/3628

Answered By – MasterScrat

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