[SOLVED] Can't Install ARCore Emulator for Android Studio


I don’t know if I’m allowed to ask this question but I really can’t figure out how to use ARCore on Android Emulated Device.
According to the official guide I’m supposed to use API 8.1 on pixel/pixel 2 device in order to run any app which uses ARCore. Sadly those emulator don’t come with the support for Play Store, and without Play Store I can’t Instal ARCore on the device.

The device images that come with built in Play Store can’t run ARCore instead. I’m really confused about how am I supposed to test anything for ARCore in this way.
I need it to develop an app for a University program and I need to become familiar with Augmented Reality Development but I can’t even get started because of this issue.


Updated: June 22, 2022.

For using this emulator, at first, you have to create a virtual device with support for AR. I’m running Android Studio Chipmunk | 2021.2.1 on macOS Monterey.

I created two virtual devices: (screenshot of AS 2019).

enter image description here

Go to ToolsAVD Manager main menu and create you AVD. My window looks like this:

enter image description here

Make sure that Camera Back is set to VirtualScene.

Here are the steps you have to make in order to get a working Emulator:

  • Set up Android Debug Bridge. I set up adb for Mac.

  • Download Google_Play_Services_for_AR_1.31.0_x86_for_emulator.apk from GitHub repository.

  • Run your AVD.

  • Type in Bash Terminal the following command (to be sure that the port is 5554):

      adb devices
  • Result:

      // emulator-5554    device
  • Go to the folder where Google_Play_Services_for_AR_1.31.0_x86_for_emulator.apk is located. For instance:

      cd ~/Desktop
  • To install Emulator, type in Terminal the following line, while the virtual device is running:

      adb install -r Google_Play_Services_for_AR_1.31.0_x86_for_emulator.apk  
  • Repeat previous steps for additional AVDs you’d like to use.

  • Delight!

enter image description here


Take it into consideration: Android Emulator does not support such ARCore APIs as: Depth API, Geospatial API or Augmented Faces API. That’s because Emulator doesn’t have corresponding sensors. When any of these features are enabled, the Emulator picture can’t render correctly: a screen will be entirely black, although UI elements drawn on top of the Emulator picture still be rendered.

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