[SOLVED] Cannot use enum values imported from GraphQL Codegen types


Whenever I import enums from graphql-codegen generated types and use their values, the app fails to start.

import { MyEnum } from 'graphql-types.ts';

let x: MyEnum; // This works
x = MyEnum.MY_ENUM_VALUE; // Whenever I use this code, it fails

TypeScript does not show any errors in the code, but the app fails to run showing the error message below.

Android Bundling failed

SyntaxError: graphql.types.ts: Identifier 'Document' has already been declared.

export const Document = gql`



export const name = gql`
    query name {

instead of:

export const name = gql`
    query {

Your identifier name is likely clashing with an ambient type definition.

Answered By – Damian Green

Answer Checked By – Cary Denson (BugsFixing Admin)

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