[SOLVED] Cannot get access to pandas DataFrame in the way expected


I have a strange dataframe, that doesn’t seem to operate in the way I expect. I should have a column heading that I can use.

The code I have produces the following, which is supposed to be used for a histogram.

categories = pd.Series(df['category'])
category_freq = pd.Series(df[df['engine'] == 'u']['category'])
hist = pd.crosstab(category_freq, categories)
counts = pd.DataFrame(np.diag(hist), index=[hist.index])

But the output has a '0' at the very top. I cannot seem to get things behaving as I would want. For example the output looks like the following:

baby        65    
beauty      73
christmas   168

If I access via counts[0], I can remove this "top layer", but I can never find a way to access rows via say counts[0]['category']. I get key not found. How can I get the data in a format that works as DataFrame?


Make a Series out of it instead:

counts = pd.Series(np.diag(hist), index=[hist.index])

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