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I’m new in learning JavaScript. Just for some test I built this function and call it and assign a variable in it to a complete result. Is there a way use the function like this example?

Here I want to just pass #country in the dom(i) function. So it should be getElementById("maid"), and after calling it, assign = maid to put this maid variable after innerHTML =.

I’m wondering is it possible to write JavaScript function like this way?

var maid = "Made In Yiappa";
function dom(i) {
    var docs = document.getElementById(i).innerHTML;
    return docs;
dom("country") = maid;
<p> The result is: <span id="country"></span> </p>


You must pass it as an argument to that function:

var maid = "Made In Yiappa";
function dom(elementId, txt) {
    document.getElementById(elementId).innerHTML = txt;
dom("country", maid);
<p> The result is: <span id="country"></span> </p>

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