[SOLVED] Can we pass an array as parameter in any function in PHP?


I have a function to send mail to users and I want to pass one of its parameter as an array of ids.

Is this possible to do? If yes, how can it be done?

Suppose we have a function as:

function sendemail($id, $userid) {


In the example, $id should be an array.


You can pass an array as an argument. It is copied by value (or COW’d, which essentially means the same to you), so you can array_pop() (and similar) all you like on it and won’t affect anything outside.

function sendemail($id, $userid){
    // ...

sendemail(array('a', 'b', 'c'), 10);

You can in fact only accept an array there by placing its type in the function’s argument signature…

function sendemail(array $id, $userid){
    // ...

You can also call the function with its arguments as an array…

call_user_func_array('sendemail', array('argument1', 'argument2'));

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